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About Colin

Hi! I’m Colin, a wedding photographer on the beautiful island of Bermuda.

I’ve been photographing weddings since 2012 and have been at over 200 amazing days. I moved back to Bermuda in 2022, after having lived in the UK, and am excited about photographing people in love among the beautiful backdrops we have here.

My couples tend to value good photography, and the last thing they want is a photographer who is super cheesy or bosses them around.

My wedding photography style is natural and relaxed. I capture all the special, joyful moments and let you get on with having a fantastic day. Although my favourite part of a wedding day is the portrait session with the two of you–it’s a chance for you both to have a breather, and a chance for me to get creative.

Your wedding is all about marrying your best friend. You don’t care about outrageously expensive cake, and you don’t want to worry about the little things that don’t matter. You just want to have an amazing time with your favourite people.

If this sounds like you, and you think I might be your kind of photographer, just drop me a line!






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A few random facts about me!

Heather Murdoch• I’m from Bermuda and grew up in a cottage 10 feet from the ocean
• I used to have a 1953 Triumph motorcycle

Heather Murdoch• I love movies and cinematography, especially anything by Conrad L. Hall
• I still have (and use) my original 50mm 1.8 lens from 1987

Heather Murdoch• I have a BFA from RIT
• I’ve created Star Wars and Indiana Jones illustrations for Lucasfilm

So now that you know a little bit about me, I’d love to hear about you—get in touch with me today!